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Juggle Junction Pre-Boarding Information

Just a few quick question we need to ask for two reasons: 1) we want to make sure your experience here is a good one. And 2) we want keep spammers from getting on this website. Think of some of the questions as a form of 'captcha'; we do.

User Name

This is the name that will be used publicly for you on this website. The name does not have to be your real legal name. A stage name or other alias you wish to be known by is perfectly acceptable. Please remember this name as you will need to use it to log in with in the future.


This is must be a real email address that you can (and preferably do) check. This email will NOT be made public or available to others. We use this email to give you your password (which you may change later), so it must be valid and reachable to complete the registration process. We will also use this email at any other time we need to get you a message.

General Location

This location will be used for identifing events that are likely to be near you. In future there may be additional features which would require knowing your approximate address.


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