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We've just started to add this function. Once the list get longer, we'll set about trying to organize things a bit. For now if you perform as a juggler, please go ahead and add your name to the list.

JJ Conductor

OKay, so I don\\\'t perform often. But I did want to make sure the website is working. And yes, I might be interested in performing sometime.


travel meets juggling @ www.pfuisi.net

Sword Swallower Dan Meyer

The act that wowed the judges on AMERICAs GOT TALENT

35x World Champion Sword Swallower

Cutting Edge Innertainment
Entertainment with an EDGE
A Program with a POINT!

Mano Juggling

Professional juggling balls and custom made juggling balls for beginner and professional jugglers. Most juggling trainers recommend Russian type juggling balls for beginners. They are much easier to throw and catch, than beanbags or rubber-type balls.