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odd juggling props
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odd juggling props
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Subject: Re: odd juggling props
Author: Andrew Williams
Date: 28 jul 1994

john chiaverini (jac17@pop.cwru.edu) wrote:
: hello,

: i was wondering what weird and wonderful items the 40000 of you
: net-reader-jugglers juggle. what are some of the strange things you can make
: to go in a pleasing pattern? i have tried things like computer disks and
: bricks and driftwood, but these are not too eccentrically shaped and not very
: unusual items. a friend of mine was trying to juggle bean bags (the kind you
: sit in). i also juggle physics classes, but this is something else entirely.
I took three of those CHEM-LITE chemical flares, a syringe, and three
street hockey balls (light yellow). Removed the glowing fluid from
the flares and injected it into the balls. I managed to juggle in the
dark for about 5 minutes before the glow faded to a point where
I couldn't see what I was doing. Unfortunately, the chemicals seemed
to react with the air (or a component thereof), and lose their
glow strength VERY quickly.

I've been thinking about mounting some of these on the ends of my
(home made) clubs. (Perhaps a blue one on the Joy dish-soap bottle,
and a yellow one on the Salon-Selective shampoo bottle, and green
for the empty Cola bottle).

This way I can *shine* at night... well my clubs will anyway.

ps. Oh.. and I'm not silent anymore.
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