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odd juggling props
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Subject: Re: odd juggling props
Author: Barry Bakalor
Date: 29 jul 1994

In article <CtpIoD.5z5@pnfi.forestry.ca>, Steve Joyce
<sjoyce@pnfi.forestry.ca> wrote:

>andya@joppa.rchland.ibm.com (Andrew Arhelger) writes:
>>Does anybody really juggle running chainsaws? Non jugglers often tell
>>me they saw somebody juggling chainsaws, but I have never seen it.
>>Know anybody that really does it or is this just a myth?
>I saw it done on The Paul Daniels Show once. I can't remember the juggler's
>name, but he did a short cascade with three chainsaws that were running.
>He demonstrated that they were real by cutting through a 2X4 before
>starting. It was the finale of a decent 5/6/7 ring and 3-pongpong ball

This was Dick Franco, who has been performing with chainsaws for nearly
10 years, but he wasn't the first -- nor the last. Sigh.

The first I'm aware of was James Marcel, who did this on That's
Incredible in February 1981. Marcel soon gave up his juggling career
for acting, in which he was equally talented. He appeared in "Delta
Pi" in 1985, which just missed out for an Academy Award nomination.

Robert Gruenberg took the idea and made it his trademark, and performed
it on the Tonight Show in March 1984. In his interview with Johnny
Carson he gleefully told of all of the money he was making, which was
used as evidence against him when the IRS successfully prosecuted him
for tax evasion.

Dick Franco remains one of my favorite jugglers, in spite of his use of
chainsaws. Marcel and Gruenberg are somewhat lower on my personal list
of favorites,


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