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devilstick history
26 aug 2003zedric
26 aug 2003|- Adria M Moskowitz
27 aug 2003|  \ zedric
4 sep 2003|     \ Henning Wiescher
2 apr 2015\ lukas.e.reichenbach…

Subject: Re: devilstick history
Author: lukas.e.reichenbach@gmail.com
Date: 2 apr 2015
On Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 7:36:26 PM UTC+2, zedric wrote:
> Hi
> I'm from France, so sorry if my english seems peculiar....
> I am extremely interrested in any information about when and
> how...etc, did the devilstick appear.
> I have started "researches" on devilstick.net, but I thought maybe
> here some jugglers would give me advices, sites, and maybe answers !
> Right now, I find extremely strange the fact that "devil" in the word
> "devilstick" doesn't mean Devil, but "to turn in the air" from the
> ancient greek... It sounds strange to me, because in france we call
> devilstick "bâton du diable", that means stick of the Devil...!
> Thank you and let me know !
> Et vive la jonglerie ! Et les échanges internationaux !