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world's youngest juggler
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Subject: Re: world's youngest juggler
Author: Kae Verens
Date: 29 mar 2002
"Cathy F. Sutton" <sutton-ritchie@rcn.com> wrote in message
> Hi, I got a call from Ripley's believe it or not this morning and they
> wanted to know who the world's youngest juggler is (I assume so he could
> on their show) Does anyone have a name and address of someone in the 4-6
> year old range? I remember seeing a kid at last year's IJA fest who was
> pretty good and not very old but I have no clue what his name is. If you
> could e-mail me with any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks, Bill

That is a vague category - what does "youngest juggler" mean? Does it mean
someone that can cascade 3? Mills-Mess?