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world's youngest juggler
28 mar 2002Cathy F. Sutton
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2 apr 2002|     \ Kae Verens
29 mar 2002|- Kae Verens
29 mar 2002|  |- Chris Julian
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29 mar 2002|  |- Scott Kurland
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Subject: world's youngest juggler
Author: Cathy F. Sutton
Date: 28 mar 2002
Hi, I got a call from Ripley's believe it or not this morning and they
wanted to know who the world's youngest juggler is (I assume so he could be
on their show) Does anyone have a name and address of someone in the 4-6
year old range? I remember seeing a kid at last year's IJA fest who was
pretty good and not very old but I have no clue what his name is. If you
could e-mail me with any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks, Bill