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Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
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Subject: Re: Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
Author: Danny Colyer
Date: 27 may 2000

Jugglethat spouted a fair bit of libellous sounding rubbish over several
posts, coming to:
>who resents your assertion that anonymous AOL accounts that have never
>before being used to comment on the case ....are infringing on YOUR turf.
>...so sue me, sparky

Perhaps you would like to tell us who you are?

I know that Andrew Conway has consistently made reliable, informative
postings since I started reading rj 6 years ago. I also know that he is an
intelligent, educated man. I'm afraid I can't take the word of an anonymous
poster against his.

Danny Colyer (remove your.head to reply)
"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you
with experience." - Dilbert