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Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
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Subject: Re: Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
Author: stephen.whitis@spamMeNot.edu
Date: 26 may 2000

On 26 May 2000 07:44:23 GMT, jugglethat@aol.com (Jugglethat) wrote:

>who resents your assertion that anonymous AOL accounts that have never posted
>before being used to comment on the case ....are infringing on YOUR turf.
>...so sue me, sparky

You'll attack me, just as you did Andrew. But I gotta agree, the fact
that you've never posted before, seem to have a vendetta, and won't
use your real name sure hurts your credibility.

The fact that jjpaxton55@aol.com seems to be doing the same thing
makes it look like you're posting under two names. The common
term for that is "sockpuppet".

I don't care if you post the stuff or not. I don't know anything
about Neil at all - for all I know, this whole thing is about a
fictional person. But it does look like you've got a grudge, and
it does look like you've attacked Andrew for pointing out
that you have no credibility.

Stephen Whitis
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