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Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
26 may 2000Jugglethat
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Subject: Re: Neil Stammer Sucks(part 2)
Author: nospam
Date: 26 may 2000

Hey -- anybody wanting to talk with this kind of disrespect can LEAVE. You probably
wouldn't be talking like this if we knew who you were. Go to alt.politics if you
want to fling this kind of mud. Or alt.anonymous.bitter.disrespectful.aol.users.

This, my friends, is rec.juggling.

And I have no comment on the Neil Stammer case.
A good day to you all (including jugglethat ;)


Jugglethat wrote:

> Where do you get this crap?

> You make them sound like assembled village idiots

> OK, hold it right there, Bank-of-America-boy... YOU assume??

> What the hell do YOU KNOW???

> I think that makes you happy, there Sparky...happy, at least, as long as those
> kids aren't Dan or Ian....

> ...so sue me, sparky