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state diagrams in complex siteswaps
9 apr 2016Denis Paumier
13 apr 2016\ Scott Seltzer
20 apr 2016   \ denis.paumierr@gmai…

Subject: Re: state diagrams in complex siteswaps
Author: Scott Seltzer
Date: 13 apr 2016
On Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 7:09:03 PM UTC+3, Denis Paumier wrote:
> Hello rec.juggling, it's been a very long time...


Not much action here. I recommend http://objectepisodes.com/ or http://www.jugglingedge.com/ (or both) for more active discussion communities. If you get enough conclusions and information for an article, then http://ezine.juggle.org/ would be a great place to submit it in a more formal manner.