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state diagrams in complex siteswaps
9 apr 2016Denis Paumier
13 apr 2016\ Scott Seltzer
20 apr 2016   \ denis.paumierr@gmai…

Subject: state diagrams in complex siteswaps
Author: Denis Paumier
Date: 9 apr 2016
Hello rec.juggling, it's been a very long time...
Here's a topic I would like to ask you guys about.
You certainly know about state diagrams, and the difference between "ground state" (that can be chained with basic pattern) and "excited state" (that need a transition in order to be chained with basic pattern).

1) I am working on siteswap patterns where all the balls are in the hands at some point, like [32]22. I found the term "cold state", to say that the state is even lower than ground state. I guess it would mean that all the balls are grouped in the first two stages of the state diagram.
Has any of you used this type of idea before? How would you call it and define it more precisely ?

2) here's another pattern : 3x[11]x[32]23x[11]x[32]2
I could also write it 3x[1x1x][32]23x[1x1x][32]2
or (-,3x)([1x1x],-)([32],-)(-,2)(3x,-)(-,[1x1x])(-,[32])(2,-) in classic MHN.
How would you describe the state diagrams for this pattern?
How would you call them? ground state? cold state?

Thank you,
Denis Paumier