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Fire juggling swords video
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Subject: Re: Fire juggling swords video
Author: Trog Woolley
Date: 18 dec 2015
While stranded on the hard shoulder of the information super highway usenet@lpbk.net typed:
> To be honest, I don't have any local knowlege any more (as I left the sunny
> midlands 15 years ago)
> http://jugglingedge.com/club.php?ClubID=1684 looks like it might be a thing though.

Ah, my bad. I rather assumed that you'd still be about Brum.
I did know about that, but I'm not sure it actually runs. Somebody told me
that it had folded. I guess I'll have to rock along in the new year.

> While I'm here, if you haven't already checked out jugglingedge.com - there's a
> fair bit of chatter on it reminiscent of r.j 2 decades ago...
> We even had a near flounce experience a couple of weeks back :)
> -Paul

I might have to do that - r.j is very quiet!
Trog Woolley | (A Croweater stuck in Pommie Land)