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Juggling ball colors/backdrops
21 nov 2015dcs577@gmail.com
24 nov 2015\ Trog Woolley

Subject: Juggling ball colors/backdrops
Author: dcs577@gmail.com
Date: 21 nov 2015
I'm an amateur juggler (mostly working on 5 ball patterns) and I don't often communicate with other jugglers so forgive me if this is common knowledge but have other people noticed that the visual background of wherever you are juggling (the direction you face) can affect your ability to juggle? A busy background like a tree canopy makes it more difficult for me than a clear sky for instance. I'm looking to get a new set of juggling balls. My current set is a dark red color. I see a lot of people juggling white balls and I'm wondering if white, or any other color, would make it easier to juggle in variable locations. White seems like it'd be brighter and thus easier to juggle with a busy background...or in less than ideal lighting. Is this true?

Also, I'm looking to replace my partially filled beanbags with a fully filled bag. Do people notice a difference in juggling partially vs. fully filled beanbags?


-David Solomon