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7 ball help!
13 may 2015gantenbein
12 jun 2015\ vincent.db97531@gma…
20 jun 2015   \ gantenbein

Subject: Re: 7 ball help!
Author: gantenbein
Date: 20 jun 2015
vincent.db97531@gmail.com wrote:
> You seem to be leaning one way after the first few throws of your pattern
most times you release. It probably has to do with the order you're releasing
the balls. I didn't quite catch your release order but if you release from a
standard pyramid grip in your right hand (if you start righty for 7) you might
be turning your wrist a bit if you release the balls in your pointer finger,
middle and thumb before the ones in your other fingers. Some people do it just
fine that way and compensate for the wrist turn and it's a hard habit to break
but i'd suggest working on that if I got that right.
> You seem to hold the pattern ok for a bit after that but you can tell it's
degrading before it really gets started. If you avoid excess movements like
that from the beginning of the pattern you won't have to pull it back together
and waste energy and focus because you'll be stable.
> Also, your feet should be parallel with eachother rather than pointing out.
About shoulder length apart. Knees slightly bent, back straight.
> I'll have another look when I get more time and see if I can find anything
else for you
Hi Vinny,

thanks a lot for your reply, I had already given up hope that someone
would bother. In general rec.juggling has become very silent, after the
IJDB portal closed, sigh ...

I do release the balls from a standard pyramid grip, starting from the
right as you said. I honestly never paid much attention to my wrist
movement, so I will check this the next time I practice.

What you describe about my pattern disintegrating before it really gets
started describes exactelly how it feels like: The moment I feel I
should/could establish a stable pattern everything falls apart. Usually
the trouble starts either with left hand throws going to much forward or
collisions I can't really trace back to any root cause.

Thanks again and I'll let you know how the wrist bit turns out (pun
intended :-) ).

I will also pay attention to my posture.

Thanks again and any additional advice is highly appreciated!


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