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Need help on choosing a new set of bean…
5 apr 2015oxolov@gmail.com

Subject: Need help on choosing a new set of beanbags!
Author: oxolov@gmail.com
Date: 5 apr 2015
Hi fellow jugglers!

My old (first) juggling balls are slowly falling apart, they've been patched over 20 times, are made of somewhat different fabrics, attract dirt like glue, and each feels totally different in your hand.
They are obviously not far from retirement: http://s28.postimg.org/p8sw2jh9o/DSC_0025.jpg

I have relatively small hands, and don't plan on juggling more than 7 anytime soon. The ones of the picture are 67mm wide and weigh roughly 125g. I'm fine with their weight and size. Holding 4 larger balls in a hand might prove to be difficult for me.

I'm from Croatia where the juggling community seems dead and I can't get my hands on any balls of different sizes, so I'm open for suggestions!

I've read several discussions on the topic, and in most of them the names sportco, gballz and bag lady appear. I've checked their (slightly miserable) websites, and am leaning towards the 8 panelled gballz.

I think I'll go with plastic fillings to eliminate any fears of water!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, and perhaps a comparison by someone who's tried two or more of the mentioned brands. Or introduce some rival brand I've overlooked.

Thanks! Jan