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5 ball cascade
17 mar 2015willfriesen13@gmail…
18 mar 2015\ Furlisht

Subject: Re: 5 ball cascade
Author: Furlisht
Date: 18 mar 2015
Le mardi 17 mars 2015 18:19:05 UTC+1, willfr...@gmail.com a écrit :
> Hey jugglers, recently got back into juggling hard and I believe I reached 100 throws of 5 ball cascade for the first time last night! Started 2.5 years ago but unfortunately let it drop off. Anyway I was wondering what advice you guys had for mastering the 5 ball cascade, and what other 5 ball patterns to start working on beyond simple 5 ball splits? Thanks!

I started with half shower and 744 after the initial cascade. Later on, i added 753 (but it's harder)