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Subject: Re: New Balls
Author: dpawson
Date: 18 oct 2011

Poor- wrote:
> All I can tell you is that Sil-X balls roll. You will have to chase them
> a lot. I have the Sil-X Implosions so I'm not sure if they have the same
> shell as the regular version, but with the Implosions dirt will stick to
> the shell which is annoying if you practice outside.
Yup. I own a set of Implosions as well. I won't say I don't like them, but
they really aren't what they initially seem. I think they are presented as
some sort of technological improvement on a russian ball, and they really
bear little to no resemblance to a russian ball in practice. In a typical
russian ball, the fill weighs at least 10 times the shell, leading to that
'plop'. I haven't drained a Sil-X to do the comparable measurement, but I
would feel pretty confident the shell is probably heavier than the liquid
fill. So it really doesn't feel very russian at all; more like a stage
ball. The rolling is another side effect of this. They definitely roll
more than any russian would. This also factors in when you get collisions
in your pattern. Two russian balls collide, they tend to shrug off each
other and it often isn't fatal. If I hit one Sil-X with another, game
over. They bounce off each other forcefully, and my pattern is almost
surely a goner.

I also own a set of MMX balls, and I'd say that because of the Sil-X
feedback above, it almost seems pointless to answer the question as asked.
An MMX and a Sil-X feel so different that I couldn't realistic tell you
which one you should buy. You'd have to try both and see.

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