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DumBo Days

DumBo Days

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Additional location information:
Topsporthal Vlaanderen, Zuiderlaan 14, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Date(s): 2013-11-15


DumBo Days 2012 was a huge success: a lot of people, a lot of workshops, a lot of skills improved and a lot of fun. Join us for DumBo Days 2013;

24 hours of workshops

48 hours of training space

come and improve your skills

DumBo Days are training days, master classes and conventions for people who are passionate about performing arts such as dance, theatre, juggling, acrobatics, circus...

Workshops will be about:
juggling: clubs, balls, rings, passing, yoyo, poi, swinging, staff, cigar boxes, acrobatics: hand to hand, tumbling, trampoline, hand balance, circus: monocycle, stilts, jumping stilts, ladder...


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